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Tantric Orgasm.

I was heartbroken having recently gone through a breakup, and I noticed the muscles in my pelvis were tight in response to the stress. My body was definitely saying ‘no’ to sex. My hope was to get some healing and able to go back to feeling some semblance of sexual desire. Little did I know, that session would change my life forever.

What emerged was a curious obsession with my cervix. Not because I had a cervical orgasm, but because I discovered my cervix was completely numb.

This puzzled me.

I knew about cervical orgasms, but what about cervical numbness? Surely if my cervix was numb, I must be a long way from feeling heavenly cervical pleasure.

So I went on a mission to awaken sensation at my cervix. I wanted my rightful cervical pleasure and, hopefully, orgasms!

While we all have had many orgasms, what I noticed mostly was an epidemic of numb or painful cervixes.

Commonly you’ll hear it’s normal for the cervix to feel uncomfortable. Normal, maybe. But not natural. This is how I learnt that the first step to feeling cervical pleasure is to actually feel something! And if that something is discomfort, that’s what you need to work with.

The rest develops over time.

This is what you can expect to feel during a cervical orgasm, for me anyway.

  1. The cervical orgasm feels like deep, pulsing pleasure that spreads across the entire abdomen…sometimes, the whole body.
  2. Unlike the clitoral orgasm that feels localised and has a build up of tension followed by a release, the cervical orgasm doesn’t follow a linear progression.
  3. Setting it as a goal just activates your sympathetic nervous system and prevents you from reaching it. When you are deeply present, a cervical orgasm takes place in a prolonged, relaxed state while you ride the waves of pleasure…

The first time it happened for me, I was in my hotel room in Rome. I was happy and my heart was completely open. This was another very important factor when deciding to practice and work with my cervix.

For about 20 minutes, I sat still with my finger in my cervix. Slowly the gentle sensations grew into a deep full body throb; my awareness of any physical limits dissolved and my senses appeared to expand.

This is what makes a cervical orgasm so special: It is spiritually profound, and that is why it is also known as the Tantric orgasm.

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